When a door closes, there is always another door open.

Abbott Intern

So finally I finished my internship just in 1 month. Job scope was quite different from what I study, but I enjoy it.

Quality assurance is more complicated than I thought. There are stacks of documents sourced from affiliate and division in Singapore, my supervisor changed it to adapt to local area. Apart from innovative claims from Abbott’s competitors, we compiled and check the valid to AVA’s list and response to AVA Singapore if needed. I learnt that some jobs are really at the ground/bottom of the procedure and those people at sales positions always busy.

The first two weeks was quite slack and boring when I worked independently, and I realize that I am quite weak at expanding my network by talking to new people, including my intern friends. I need to be open minded and have more conversations even in small circles of friends

From this intern I learn how to focus on task and know what I need to get.
5 Aug 2010
I was left unprepared and immature in this big world. Like a big fish living in the ponder now eager to thrive in the ocean.

There is only a way to move forward. There are no ways to look back.
I will leave all the craps I did in the past. Today is a new game and I will make a CHANGE.

I am waiting for a DAN of tomorrow.

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