IT Training Courses in Yangon

Rise in IT training courses

On Yangon street, apart from learning Burmese and Korean courses, many people are excited to sign up for IT courses. From Microsoft Office skills, web development, graphic design, desktop publishing courses…

Computer Training Centre

On one day, I went to  a printer shop in Yangon for making my business cards. Its location was very convenient, just nearby  Anawrahta Housing Complex, where I work temporarily for 3 days. There was no available template, so I decided to ask a staff to create  following my design. All the employees in the shop were in very neat and friendly uniform. I was very satisfied. My name card didn’t look bad eventually 🙂

Keep learning

Yatanah, an advocate technology evangelist for Free Internet Forum. Her group’s Facebook page is here: Here is her story a week ago:

At my last training in Than Daung,a hilly place in Karen State, I met with a student who is a “differently abled person” but very passionate and enthusiastic to learn about IT.

Although he had to come over to the training venue alone from a very far village and although he had to walk by using his knees as the roads are too bad and muddy to use wheel chair, he is so punctual and never arrived late. He also listened carefully and paid attention to what teacher said.

I felt so hurt and wanted to help people like him in possible way and now I’m thinking of doing something IT related that would benefit and help differently abled person in earning money for their survival.(may be conducting IT vocational training or something like that) — feeling hopeful.

I met Hein Nan, a young IT trainer at KT Care. He will use his IT knowledge to teach children in Thet Kel Thaung village: I hope he can deliver his enthusiasm and knowledge to the kids. Nurturing IT skills should start at early educational age.

Recent business news reveals that many big companies start to put stronger foothold into Myanmar. Consumer-oriented product, gas, oil and other commodities export are hot sectors with a lot of investment . However, IT investment is still inadequate, given that the internet penetration rate is 0.7% across the country. In my opinion, Myanmar will face a shortage of IT-related human resources in the next few years.

 What is next in Myanmar. Let’s keep watching. 


WongFu Production – My 3 favourite videos

Strangers, Again

Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can’t avoid the inevitable.


  1. Meeting
  2. The chase
  3. Honeymoon
  4. Comfortable
  5. Tolerance
  6. Downhill

It is how we think about relationship. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great.

Josh and Marissa are at a crossroads and their future is uncertain. Josh guides us through each stage of the relationship as it formed and as he predicts it will end up as.

When Five Fell

Can the things we love, love us back just the same? Five household objects express their feelings toward their owner when she begins to neglect them for someone else:

  • cup
  • glasses
  • phone
  • umbrella
  • phone

“When Five Fell” is a new take on the ideal boy-meets-girl love story. Although the short is told from a unique and unconventional perspective, the emotions described should be familiar to anyone that’s fallen in or out of a relationship.


The Last

A simple question, “How many have you loved?” Is your answer, one and only? Or is it several, all of whom have shaped your life?


A story from random friend

One day in Saigon, I stayed at Budget Hostel, located at Cong Quynh street, district 1. I met a guy from USA who traveled to Vietnam alone. Before arrival to Vietnam, he has been to many country in America and Asia.

My first impression is shhht. What is this dude doing? He cooked food in a portable gasoline kit.  And it seems so dangerous that he cooks it on his bed, with all the linens and pillow around. Let’s call him J.

As I observed, J. only go out of the room to buy food. He seems scared of local food and he didn’t dare to eat anything. He only wants to cook himself.

J. is very smart, every day when I come back to hostel after visisting friends and attending event, I always had a little chit chat with J.

He told me that he was sick when he ate exotic food in Malaysia. Asian Food are different from USA. In US every piece of food is examined and got certificated of safety.

He pointed to his Italian pasta and tomato sauce.” Yes, this country make the best food ever” , and he trust it.

I recommended him to go to  some restaurants. However, the best food out there will be only found on the street and I bet J. never believe that.

There is one thing I learnt from him. Since the hostel is so poor equipped with facilities, I cannot get a stable connection with electricity. Thus, my laptop never get the full charge, or it is intermittent. The next day, I went out and find some solution.

I ask the reception and there is no more extra adapter. Keep the thinking that the adapter has some problem, I bought a new adapter. Hope that will work. Not believe myself enough, I bought another extention kit, with scollable cord (50k).

It turns out that it didn’t solve anything. J. tell me look at the problem. He turned off the power switch. To open the power outlet, he asked me to get a screw driver from the receptionist. Astonishing by what he convince me, I run down to the level 1 and manage to get one driver. J. opened the outlet, use the driver to tight the 2 contacted pins inside. And it works.

I cannot say anything but a thank to him. He taught him a valuable lesson. To solve a problem, I have to analyse it and think what possible the root of it. Later I went back to the store and give back the extension cord for half of the price(25k).

Sometimes, I learnt small things from random people. I appreciate that.

Imaginative question

In a Toastmaster session,

There is a question in the table topic session: “If your mother and your wife were both drowning and only able to save ONE. Whom would you save and why?”

Please think your own answer in 3 minutes before continue reading.


Some answers from the ground. I guess they was controversial, so I post them here:

  • Well, as for me, they both give me stress & they always fighting, so I pass!!! Wink
  • If my wife is young and beautiful: i will save wife and God will save my mother.
  • A few questions must first be answered: between my mother and my wife, who’s likely to stick with me even when I’m down and out? Who’s gonna accept and love me unconditionally? Who’s gonna ‘sell her last wrapper’ and stay unclothed (figuratively of course) just to get me out of trouble? Which of them would love me the same whether I’m poor as church-rat or rich as Dangote? Who do you think is more likely to always go to extreme lengths to ensure my well being? The answer to these questions is the ONE that I’ll most likely save.
  • I love both my mother and my wife equally, so I’d rather be drown because I don’t want to lose anyone of them.

Feel free to add another one.

Ideas for Myanmar Project

Imagine that Myanmar is similar to your country 10 or 20 years ago. Not so many cell phones. Its economy just opens up. A lot of manpower in rural areas. Majority of population still depends on agriculture economy. What you can do to help people?

Facts I know about Myanmar:

  • ~60 million people
  • More than 100 languages, the main language is Burmese
  • ~90% population is Buddhist
  • the latest disaster Cyclone Nargis 2008
  • Literacy rate (15-24 years of age)   95.8%
  • Internet penetration rate                0.7 % (majority in major cities)

As a global citizen, I want to think out of my comfort zone. Any ideas are welcomed. You can leave your idea with your name or anonymous 🙂

Idea #1: Water bulb: use chrolophm to bring light to rural areas. This idea is actually implemented in the Philippines. Link:

Time, money, dream and success

I wonder that there are so many things I can’t manage to do. What I am in short of is TIME. It is so precious. If I have 25 hours per day, I can spend more time to talk with my friends. And I can have a longer sleep.

MONEY. I could earn more money than when I was in uni. But what it is for? Getting more money doesn’t make me happier. Btw, I still have a TFL debt I have to pay anyway.

Today I have a short conversation with a Vietnamese friend. He works in a local bank and complains that study for master is so expensive. He asked me whether I want to pursue higher study. To me, studying in university is good enough. Life taught me more valuable lesson than any lecture in school. I have a strong belief that advancing in my career is utmost important. Especially I could make an impact to the society. One may poor in cash, but should never give up any DREAM.

Until recently I realize an urge to do something practical. Every time I watched Jevermind, the future belongs to those people knowing what to do. They are called doers, not the person staring at the screen attentively like me and maybe, you. I want to be a practical doer.

If I set myself in certain boundary, I never become the person I want to become. I am learning hard to move towards the world I imagine. Please don’t be fooled by other success people. Every person has an unique way to achieve SUCCESS

Lessons from Terry Fox Run Singapore 2013

Singapore Terry Fox Run 2013Here are 5 lessons I learnt from Terry Fox Run Singapore 2013 today:
Know how to control speed
It is longer than usual. My typical workout was only 30 minutes and 3km long. It is because I usually run at midnight and I cannot run fast after a tiring working day.

Run for a cause
I feel the support for water and banana is so essential. No race bibs, no prizes, no goodie bags. That is the true meaning of running for a cause. I would memorize the life of Terry Fox, who run to raise funds for cancer research.
“Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue. It’s got to keep going without me.” – Terry Fox

Life is a journey.
I cannot run 42 km marathon unless I run 21 km race.
And I cannot run 21km race if I don’t try to run 10km.
I proud that I did it today and it would be a stepping stone for 21 km race.
Not everyone was born with innate ability to run. Practice make things happen.

Pushing through limit.
On the second part of the race, I was nearly exhausted. I have to run slower. I have to keep my breath until the last 1 km of the race. Run for a long race required the maintenance of speed. At the last km, I ran as fast as I could to touch the finish line.

Find your mate to run together
Today I try to run to test my limit. I did it but it is somehow selfish.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, from an African proverb.