Gấu trúc

Mình mới đưa về dinh về 1 em gấu trúc. Vốn là heo nhưa đựng tiền xu để quyên góp cho dự án Cơm có thịt Singapore. Trông em ấy nửa giống gấu trúc, nửa giống chó. Thích cái vẻ đen trắng phong thuỷ của em ấy.

panda-front panda



Tuần sau hứng lên cũng đi vẽ cho dự án này của em Sunnie. Lấy mẫu là Superman. Thực ra mình cũng không phải hoạ sĩ. Chỉ bắt chước theo khuôn mẫu. Giờ là lúc đợi thiên hạ có ai rủ lòng thương adopt con piggy mình làm không.

our piggies


Sundown Marathon – Mission completed

photoYesterday is a memorable run.

It was my first 21 km. The event was Sundown Marathon Singapore.

It would be a smooth run, until I encounter an incident that caused my run late half an hour. When I come to the starting point at 12am, the place was filled with many people preparing for the 10km race.

For some reason, i have a strong belief that even though I start late, I could manage to finish before 4am, which is the cutoff time.

I run wildly into the crowd at the starting line. Someone told me that it was impossible to run 21 km now, the road is closed, only 10km is available.

I didn’t believe that. I moved forward. A quick glance on the left side, I saw an African guys, he wants to secure the fastest runner. I am not him, I come here to challenge myself, not the be the fastest.

I called for help and the security guys brought me to the Start Arc. He looks reluctantly. I assured one more time: “Let me run, I can catch up with my friends”. And they let me go.

An incredibly starting. Lonely. On the road. No people. Just follow the route.

10 minutes later, I saw a couple who were very tired, I guess the girl has not feeling well today.

Then I had no competitors on the route in the first half hour. What I did is I just need to surpass people at the last lines falling behind the race.

Running with friends is the motivation to cheer you up. I saw a group of people running together. One person blew his whistle, while others clapped their hands at regular interval to cheer up. I was inspired.

However, it is till an individual race. There is a proverb saying “Do not compare to others, compare to yourself.” The race is still my own race anyway.

I feel the joy of passing others. But I always remind that it is only the beginning of the race. After 1.5 hour, I will run among the average runners in the race. I change my strategy. Run slow and persistent. It was what I did in the later half of the run.

The last km: my legs have no feeling at all. Still, I could feel my ankle pain again.

Exhausted. I had already skipped a lot of water/100 plus on the way. Drinking a certain amount of water is good. But a lot of water is not advisable.

Then that is it. I completed 21.35 km in 2:55 minutes. Not bad. I can do it.

Meet Shibaten

What a weekend!

After joining a run with Evan at Mac Richie Reservoir, I felt my life refresh and more meaningful.

Have a hard decision to cancel my trip to Tibet. There are so many reasons behind it. The lesson I learnt is I have to be more assertive.


Then at the evening, when I hang around Bugis Junction, I met him. I cannot believed in my eyes. I met Shibaten. I wrote about him in one of my posts.

I met Sonny, a very cheerful Singaporean uncle. He can sing and play guitar. At his age(maybe 50-60), he still love street performing from his heart. That is why he knows Shibaten, a street busker with his Australian wooden instrument.

Shibaten has came to Singapore the first time 7 years ago.  Then he still come back and forth very often. Yesterday is the last day he performed in Singapore before flying to Japan.

He has a beautiful wife, a Japanese girl he met on his busker travelling. I guess she accompanied him everywhere he goes. Their love is so beautiful.

I admire him because of his dedication to music. He is very talented. According to him, playing on street force him to learn patience, which can bring his feeling for music to a new level.

I was delightful when having a drink with him.  Let’s live our life at its best.

Lessons from Terry Fox Run Singapore 2013

Singapore Terry Fox Run 2013Here are 5 lessons I learnt from Terry Fox Run Singapore 2013 today:
Know how to control speed
It is longer than usual. My typical workout was only 30 minutes and 3km long. It is because I usually run at midnight and I cannot run fast after a tiring working day.

Run for a cause
I feel the support for water and banana is so essential. No race bibs, no prizes, no goodie bags. That is the true meaning of running for a cause. I would memorize the life of Terry Fox, who run to raise funds for cancer research.
“Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue. It’s got to keep going without me.” – Terry Fox

Life is a journey.
I cannot run 42 km marathon unless I run 21 km race.
And I cannot run 21km race if I don’t try to run 10km.
I proud that I did it today and it would be a stepping stone for 21 km race.
Not everyone was born with innate ability to run. Practice make things happen.

Pushing through limit.
On the second part of the race, I was nearly exhausted. I have to run slower. I have to keep my breath until the last 1 km of the race. Run for a long race required the maintenance of speed. At the last km, I ran as fast as I could to touch the finish line.

Find your mate to run together
Today I try to run to test my limit. I did it but it is somehow selfish.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, from an African proverb.

Cats in Singpore

I hate those lazy cats. They look cute but useless to our society. Do nothing and play the whole day.

Cats need PR to stay at certain places in Singapore. Because only near school and HDB, there are people who can bring food to feed them. That is the privilege of being a fat cat and waiting for foods from passer-by.