2 more weeks before the run

I set goal for 6 months. This time will be a half marathon in the morning.

Sometimes I doubt myself, but the fact that I can reach the finish line really wake me up.

Tomorrow, as planed, I will go for a run in Mac Richie Reservoir. Time to move my feet quick and consistent.

This run will be a health proof before my oversea trip to Bangkok. Like last time, the Sundown marathon is just one week before my Myanmar trip.

Sundown Marathon – Mission completed

photoYesterday is a memorable run.

It was my first 21 km. The event was Sundown Marathon Singapore.

It would be a smooth run, until I encounter an incident that caused my run late half an hour. When I come to the starting point at 12am, the place was filled with many people preparing for the 10km race.

For some reason, i have a strong belief that even though I start late, I could manage to finish before 4am, which is the cutoff time.

I run wildly into the crowd at the starting line. Someone told me that it was impossible to run 21 km now, the road is closed, only 10km is available.

I didn’t believe that. I moved forward. A quick glance on the left side, I saw an African guys, he wants to secure the fastest runner. I am not him, I come here to challenge myself, not the be the fastest.

I called for help and the security guys brought me to the Start Arc. He looks reluctantly. I assured one more time: “Let me run, I can catch up with my friends”. And they let me go.

An incredibly starting. Lonely. On the road. No people. Just follow the route.

10 minutes later, I saw a couple who were very tired, I guess the girl has not feeling well today.

Then I had no competitors on the route in the first half hour. What I did is I just need to surpass people at the last lines falling behind the race.

Running with friends is the motivation to cheer you up. I saw a group of people running together. One person blew his whistle, while others clapped their hands at regular interval to cheer up. I was inspired.

However, it is till an individual race. There is a proverb saying “Do not compare to others, compare to yourself.” The race is still my own race anyway.

I feel the joy of passing others. But I always remind that it is only the beginning of the race. After 1.5 hour, I will run among the average runners in the race. I change my strategy. Run slow and persistent. It was what I did in the later half of the run.

The last km: my legs have no feeling at all. Still, I could feel my ankle pain again.

Exhausted. I had already skipped a lot of water/100 plus on the way. Drinking a certain amount of water is good. But a lot of water is not advisable.

Then that is it. I completed 21.35 km in 2:55 minutes. Not bad. I can do it.

Lessons from Terry Fox Run Singapore 2013

Singapore Terry Fox Run 2013Here are 5 lessons I learnt from Terry Fox Run Singapore 2013 today:
Know how to control speed
It is longer than usual. My typical workout was only 30 minutes and 3km long. It is because I usually run at midnight and I cannot run fast after a tiring working day.

Run for a cause
I feel the support for water and banana is so essential. No race bibs, no prizes, no goodie bags. That is the true meaning of running for a cause. I would memorize the life of Terry Fox, who run to raise funds for cancer research.
“Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue. It’s got to keep going without me.” – Terry Fox

Life is a journey.
I cannot run 42 km marathon unless I run 21 km race.
And I cannot run 21km race if I don’t try to run 10km.
I proud that I did it today and it would be a stepping stone for 21 km race.
Not everyone was born with innate ability to run. Practice make things happen.

Pushing through limit.
On the second part of the race, I was nearly exhausted. I have to run slower. I have to keep my breath until the last 1 km of the race. Run for a long race required the maintenance of speed. At the last km, I ran as fast as I could to touch the finish line.

Find your mate to run together
Today I try to run to test my limit. I did it but it is somehow selfish.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, from an African proverb.