Hi there

Hi there!

This post is for you, if you are by chance reading my blog. I know that I meet you a few times. Maybe a couple of times more if we are lucky.

Hi there!

Just keep something sweet and beautiful.

Between you and me, we have no common friends. We live in 2 different worlds, have our own life and live with different thinking. Whether it is Coincident or randomness, I still found some similarities among us. That make me thinking about you.

Your silent smile. Your cute short hair. Your straight way of thinking. I am not flirting, seriously, or I did.

Hi there, that maybe the first impression.

We may not have enough luck to make our road crossing in this universe. It probably leads to nothing. To make something happens, one needs sacrifice, and pursues other. I am not sure I have such courage. Life has tons of other things.

Hi there, if you come to Asia, do let me know. I will be always ready to bring you around.

From my eyes to deep inside my heart.