IT Training Courses in Yangon

Rise in IT training courses

On Yangon street, apart from learning Burmese and Korean courses, many people are excited to sign up for IT courses. From Microsoft Office skills, web development, graphic design, desktop publishing courses…

Computer Training Centre

On one day, I went to  a printer shop in Yangon for making my business cards. Its location was very convenient, just nearby  Anawrahta Housing Complex, where I work temporarily for 3 days. There was no available template, so I decided to ask a staff to create  following my design. All the employees in the shop were in very neat and friendly uniform. I was very satisfied. My name card didn’t look bad eventually 🙂

Keep learning

Yatanah, an advocate technology evangelist for Free Internet Forum. Her group’s Facebook page is here: Here is her story a week ago:

At my last training in Than Daung,a hilly place in Karen State, I met with a student who is a “differently abled person” but very passionate and enthusiastic to learn about IT.

Although he had to come over to the training venue alone from a very far village and although he had to walk by using his knees as the roads are too bad and muddy to use wheel chair, he is so punctual and never arrived late. He also listened carefully and paid attention to what teacher said.

I felt so hurt and wanted to help people like him in possible way and now I’m thinking of doing something IT related that would benefit and help differently abled person in earning money for their survival.(may be conducting IT vocational training or something like that) — feeling hopeful.

I met Hein Nan, a young IT trainer at KT Care. He will use his IT knowledge to teach children in Thet Kel Thaung village: I hope he can deliver his enthusiasm and knowledge to the kids. Nurturing IT skills should start at early educational age.

Recent business news reveals that many big companies start to put stronger foothold into Myanmar. Consumer-oriented product, gas, oil and other commodities export are hot sectors with a lot of investment . However, IT investment is still inadequate, given that the internet penetration rate is 0.7% across the country. In my opinion, Myanmar will face a shortage of IT-related human resources in the next few years.

 What is next in Myanmar. Let’s keep watching. 


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