KT Care Foundation – 3 volunteer days in Yangon

One day, I found a project featured on Pozible, a crowdfunding website:

IT Literacy for Myanmar rural youth

It sounds quite interesting, so I decided to donate 40$AUD. Everyday I kept checking the website to see whether the project is funded.

Till the end, not enough money to raise. I feel so sad. From the bottom of my heart, I want to do something. I sent an email to Aye Aye Khine, project manager with a request to be a volunteer for the organisation.

My wish was granted. And it started my story at KT Care for 3 days @ Yangon.

KT Care Office at Yangon

2 weeks before the trip, I made a skype call to Aye Khine. Although the project didn’t get enough fund, but the project still continue. My responsibility will be IT support role which create a curriculum of IT skills for the project.

Arriving in Yangon

I arrived to Yangon in a very bad day. I was getting wet in the rain at Khaityo the day before. …4 am reaching Aung Mingala Bus station, the sky was so dark. I looked around and get a taxi to downtown.

I found a guest inn to stay. Calling to KT Care office at 9am, there is someone at the other end of the phone but she seemed didn’t know about my arrival. Whatever,I decide to call a taxi going directly to the office. Later I found out there are 2 persons name Aye Khine in the office.

KT Care

KT Care office locate in Anarata Housing Complex, near by Yangon university. I was assigned a desk to sit and work using my computer. It is the first time I see  an office in Myanmar. Sharing space with 2 other companies at the same level.

KT Care was original an organization from England, a charity organization working in various projects across countries. Starting in Myanmar from Cyclone Nargis 2008, there are many charity organizations’s appearance in this country.

HER project 

During my visit, KT Care Team in Yangon were working closely with BSR, a big charity organisation. One of BSR’s key projects, HER Project, is implemented the first time here. I met 2 pretty ladies, Jennifer and Rosa, who are representatives from BST. Their responsibility is to provide set up and guidance for project launched in a factory in Yangon’s outskirt.

This project aims to enhance women’s heath education among factory workers. More info can be found at this website.

The HER project creates a safety net for factories workers, where they can have their rights protected, have access to training and curriculum, learn about health and gain awareness on women’s health.

KT Care meeting

I got the chance to know more about how this project can impact to daily life of Burmese people. Definitely a eye opening experience in how these programs can benefit a large group of people. The pilot phase will endure for few months, then probably go to other factories. KT Care played a very crucial role in this program locally.

IT Support

Overhere, I worked with Hein Nan, a very young and enthusiastic person. He will go direct to the villages in rural areas to teach the kids of how to use computer and softwares.

As a technology savvy person, I use Skitch (an Evernote software) and PowerPoint to create simple curriculum of teaching MS Office. 3 days in fact was not enough for me to accomplish, but I was satisfied with what I delivered.

At the end, Aye Khine gave me a longyi as a gift. I felt so touched. And I worn it during Barcamp at Pyay.

It was so memorable. Hsu Mon, Rosa, Aye Khine, Namu Abe, Hein Nan, May, Monita. I miss you a lot.


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