A story from random friend

One day in Saigon, I stayed at Budget Hostel, located at Cong Quynh street, district 1. I met a guy from USA who traveled to Vietnam alone. Before arrival to Vietnam, he has been to many country in America and Asia.

My first impression is shhht. What is this dude doing? He cooked food in a portable gasoline kit.  And it seems so dangerous that he cooks it on his bed, with all the linens and pillow around. Let’s call him J.

As I observed, J. only go out of the room to buy food. He seems scared of local food and he didn’t dare to eat anything. He only wants to cook himself.

J. is very smart, every day when I come back to hostel after visisting friends and attending event, I always had a little chit chat with J.

He told me that he was sick when he ate exotic food in Malaysia. Asian Food are different from USA. In US every piece of food is examined and got certificated of safety.

He pointed to his Italian pasta and tomato sauce.” Yes, this country make the best food ever” , and he trust it.

I recommended him to go to  some restaurants. However, the best food out there will be only found on the street and I bet J. never believe that.

There is one thing I learnt from him. Since the hostel is so poor equipped with facilities, I cannot get a stable connection with electricity. Thus, my laptop never get the full charge, or it is intermittent. The next day, I went out and find some solution.

I ask the reception and there is no more extra adapter. Keep the thinking that the adapter has some problem, I bought a new adapter. Hope that will work. Not believe myself enough, I bought another extention kit, with scollable cord (50k).

It turns out that it didn’t solve anything. J. tell me look at the problem. He turned off the power switch. To open the power outlet, he asked me to get a screw driver from the receptionist. Astonishing by what he convince me, I run down to the level 1 and manage to get one driver. J. opened the outlet, use the driver to tight the 2 contacted pins inside. And it works.

I cannot say anything but a thank to him. He taught him a valuable lesson. To solve a problem, I have to analyse it and think what possible the root of it. Later I went back to the store and give back the extension cord for half of the price(25k).

Sometimes, I learnt small things from random people. I appreciate that.


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