How to make a great barcamp

…Some notes from Barcamp Saigon

Event organizing requires a lot of detail. Basically it is everything. Even a small action may affect how the public judge an event.

It is how the organiser make the event. We can have just an event without food and T-shirt.

This year, building a Barcamp app on 3 mobile platforms is actually a new improvement, providing a new way to deliver the most fresh content of event to everyone. One of the app on Apple Store climb to the top app for business category in Vietnam. Awesome.

 Asking for sponsor is not easy. How to raise money and at the same time, protect Barcamp’s image. If this is “unconferenced event”, there are certain straight rules, but the format are flexible. Some barcamps divide topics into several sections with a specific theme, where there is a freestyle theme for other topic. In Singapore, there is one time Educamp is organised inside Barcamp.

80/20 principal

80% of work are completed in 20% of the total time. The last 2 month are the most crucial time, even though the preparation is 1 year. Everything needs a plan, failing to plan is planing to fail.

Another Barcamp?

If we want to organise Barcamp in other city, we need a community. We have to focus on real stuffs.

That is how Barcamp Saigon is vibrant through years. I wish Barcamp Hanoi can continue after 2 years 2010 and 2012.

By the way, there is an imbalance between technology-related and unrelated topics.

In 2012, there are only 800 attendees, but this year this event attract as many as 1500 attendees. The number of facebook registration is 3000+. As I noticed, during the last week, there are 1000 people signed up on facebook. That was so crazy.


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