Barcamp Saigon 2013

It was great Barcamp Saigon ever.

Attracting more than 1000 attendees, many rooms are fully packed with people. All are eager to know about something new. I heard that the registration part in the morning was crazy, but everything became fine and very smooth until the closing session.

In a session

In a session

The organisers even have a sharing talk “How to organise barcamp”, with Tomo and Minh. This time I met Anh Minh Do in person. He was really smart and charming guys. I couldn’t imagine barcamp without him. FYI, he has been with barcamp since 2008.


As normal as many meetup events, technology occupied a large portion of topics. Since this is an unconference event, people just need to come and register for what they want to share. I have a presentation too: “Travel in Myanmar”. I was kinda starting not so perfect, but till the end I find the audience are really interest in it. It made me happy.

Thay Philip

How to form a start up team

After the event, we went to Beercamp, which is a steam boat (lau de^) at 138, Street 9A, Trung Son. I talked with a lot of people. Make new friends. And I feel that this is the best part of the day.


Let’s have some beer. That is why people call it beercamp

Some people suggests that next year we should have Barcamp Dalat. To me, I think there are so many youth interested in sharing and learning, then why don’t we organize it in big cities like Hanoi or Danang.


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