Imaginative question

In a Toastmaster session,

There is a question in the table topic session: “If your mother and your wife were both drowning and only able to save ONE. Whom would you save and why?”

Please think your own answer in 3 minutes before continue reading.


Some answers from the ground. I guess they was controversial, so I post them here:

  • Well, as for me, they both give me stress & they always fighting, so I pass!!! Wink
  • If my wife is young and beautiful: i will save wife and God will save my mother.
  • A few questions must first be answered: between my mother and my wife, who’s likely to stick with me even when I’m down and out? Who’s gonna accept and love me unconditionally? Who’s gonna ‘sell her last wrapper’ and stay unclothed (figuratively of course) just to get me out of trouble? Which of them would love me the same whether I’m poor as church-rat or rich as Dangote? Who do you think is more likely to always go to extreme lengths to ensure my well being? The answer to these questions is the ONE that I’ll most likely save.
  • I love both my mother and my wife equally, so I’d rather be drown because I don’t want to lose anyone of them.

Feel free to add another one.


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