Imaginative question

In a Toastmaster session,

There is a question in the table topic session: “If your mother and your wife were both drowning and only able to save ONE. Whom would you save and why?”

Please think your own answer in 3 minutes before continue reading.


Some answers from the ground. I guess they was controversial, so I post them here:

  • Well, as for me, they both give me stress & they always fighting, so I pass!!! Wink
  • If my wife is young and beautiful: i will save wife and God will save my mother.
  • A few questions must first be answered: between my mother and my wife, who’s likely to stick with me even when I’m down and out? Who’s gonna accept and love me unconditionally? Who’s gonna ‘sell her last wrapper’ and stay unclothed (figuratively of course) just to get me out of trouble? Which of them would love me the same whether I’m poor as church-rat or rich as Dangote? Who do you think is more likely to always go to extreme lengths to ensure my well being? The answer to these questions is the ONE that I’ll most likely save.
  • I love both my mother and my wife equally, so I’d rather be drown because I don’t want to lose anyone of them.

Feel free to add another one.


Ideas for Myanmar Project

Imagine that Myanmar is similar to your country 10 or 20 years ago. Not so many cell phones. Its economy just opens up. A lot of manpower in rural areas. Majority of population still depends on agriculture economy. What you can do to help people?

Facts I know about Myanmar:

  • ~60 million people
  • More than 100 languages, the main language is Burmese
  • ~90% population is Buddhist
  • the latest disaster Cyclone Nargis 2008
  • Literacy rate (15-24 years of age)   95.8%
  • Internet penetration rate                0.7 % (majority in major cities)

As a global citizen, I want to think out of my comfort zone. Any ideas are welcomed. You can leave your idea with your name or anonymous 🙂

Idea #1: Water bulb: use chrolophm to bring light to rural areas. This idea is actually implemented in the Philippines. Link:

Myanmar trip

Can’t wait for my Myanmar trip this June.

I already booked air ticket and accommodation. The first time I will try couch surfing. It has some risks but I want to meet interesting people. A feeling pretty much like “Huyen chip style”.


– Email to arrange meetup with Myanmar Computer Association. This organisation is recommended my colleague.

– Contact KT Care, involve in a community project. A small wish I didn’t make it in the past. This is a project I donated but since the target of fundraising wasn’t reached, it was canceled.

– Take many photos. I bought a new lens for this trip. In fact, it will be used in my Bali trip beforehand.

That is it. Do not forget that my short term goal is completion of 21 km run Marathon sundown this month. Stay tuned till my next post.