Meet Shibaten

What a weekend!

After joining a run with Evan at Mac Richie Reservoir, I felt my life refresh and more meaningful.

Have a hard decision to cancel my trip to Tibet. There are so many reasons behind it. The lesson I learnt is I have to be more assertive.


Then at the evening, when I hang around Bugis Junction, I met him. I cannot believed in my eyes. I met Shibaten. I wrote about him in one of my posts.

I met Sonny, a very cheerful Singaporean uncle. He can sing and play guitar. At his age(maybe 50-60), he still love street performing from his heart. That is why he knows Shibaten, a street busker with his Australian wooden instrument.

Shibaten has came to Singapore the first time 7 years ago.  Then he still come back and forth very often. Yesterday is the last day he performed in Singapore before flying to Japan.

He has a beautiful wife, a Japanese girl he met on his busker travelling. I guess she accompanied him everywhere he goes. Their love is so beautiful.

I admire him because of his dedication to music. He is very talented. According to him, playing on street force him to learn patience, which can bring his feeling for music to a new level.

I was delightful when having a drink with him.  Let’s live our life at its best.


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