Toan Shinoda

I met him when I was in USA – WAT 2009. He was a friend of MA. Still remember buffalo wings dinner at Sandusky, Ohio. He, and another friend, drive all the way to meet her.

He was confident, dares to think. He has the gut to do what he wants. He is Toan Shinoda.


After 4 years,

One day, I watch this video on the internet. Immediately, I am fond of his musical voice so much. It was Kenji – covered from Mike Shinoda. A very touching story of Kenji, a second-generation Japanese after WWII.

When I met him, he couldn’t find the job he satisfied. He decided to go back to Vietnam.

He found a consultant service company for overseas education. It sounds a good start.

He has his own VLOG on youtube. He is one of three most famous Vietnamese  Vloger. I believe he can achieve many success in future. One of the greatest lesson I learnt from him is: one cannot please everyone, live fully with your best.


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