Time, money, dream and success

I wonder that there are so many things I can’t manage to do. What I am in short of is TIME. It is so precious. If I have 25 hours per day, I can spend more time to talk with my friends. And I can have a longer sleep.

MONEY. I could earn more money than when I was in uni. But what it is for? Getting more money doesn’t make me happier. Btw, I still have a TFL debt I have to pay anyway.

Today I have a short conversation with a Vietnamese friend. He works in a local bank and complains that study for master is so expensive. He asked me whether I want to pursue higher study. To me, studying in university is good enough. Life taught me more valuable lesson than any lecture in school. I have a strong belief that advancing in my career is utmost important. Especially I could make an impact to the society. One may poor in cash, but should never give up any DREAM.

Until recently I realize an urge to do something practical. Every time I watched Jevermind, the future belongs to those people knowing what to do. They are called doers, not the person staring at the screen attentively like me and maybe, you. I want to be a practical doer.

If I set myself in certain boundary, I never become the person I want to become. I am learning hard to move towards the world I imagine. Please don’t be fooled by other success people. Every person has an unique way to achieve SUCCESS


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