Mot thoang V-pop

Moi nghe bai “Chi anh hieu em” cua Khac Vien:

Thoạt đầu nghe bai nay, khúc đầu rất giống bài “Loving you” của Minnie Riperton (1975)

Sau mới nhớ ra trên mạng có 1 bài chế tên là “Chuyện tình chàng vứt giấy”, vốn lấy nhạc của bài “Chỉ anh hiểu em”. Bài này còn có nhiều view hơn cả bài đầu tiên haha.
Thằng nào nghĩ ra bài này bá đạo thật. Chưa kể công sức dàn dựng cái clip.

Time, money, dream and success

I wonder that there are so many things I can’t manage to do. What I am in short of is TIME. It is so precious. If I have 25 hours per day, I can spend more time to talk with my friends. And I can have a longer sleep.

MONEY. I could earn more money than when I was in uni. But what it is for? Getting more money doesn’t make me happier. Btw, I still have a TFL debt I have to pay anyway.

Today I have a short conversation with a Vietnamese friend. He works in a local bank and complains that study for master is so expensive. He asked me whether I want to pursue higher study. To me, studying in university is good enough. Life taught me more valuable lesson than any lecture in school. I have a strong belief that advancing in my career is utmost important. Especially I could make an impact to the society. One may poor in cash, but should never give up any DREAM.

Until recently I realize an urge to do something practical. Every time I watched Jevermind, the future belongs to those people knowing what to do. They are called doers, not the person staring at the screen attentively like me and maybe, you. I want to be a practical doer.

If I set myself in certain boundary, I never become the person I want to become. I am learning hard to move towards the world I imagine. Please don’t be fooled by other success people. Every person has an unique way to achieve SUCCESS