When no one knew that day was your birthday

What will you do on your birthday.

Organize a party and invite your friends. Ask  friends to donate to a charity project like this one: https://www.charitywater.org/donate/#step-1. Or create a testimonial page to let others give some advice.

This year I wanted to be a bit different. I decided to hide my birthday on facebook to see how  people remember my birthday.
My sister sent me the first wish at midnight. Then I got wishes from my parents and one of my relatives in the next morning.

My ex girl friend prepared a special Hue beef noodle on that day. I was very surprised for that. When she came to my apartment, I told her not to mention anything related to my special day. I want to make it mysterious.

In the evening, I came to Eric’s house for Christmas party. It was a cozy party: with turkey, roasted chicken and wine. We even go to karaoke after that. But after all, no one knew that it was my birthday. I manage to get a cab back home at 3am. Then I have a skype call with XD and Hung at 7.30 am. And once more time, still no one give me a surprise.

My colleagues in Littlelives gave me a cheerful wish the next Monday morning. All of us went to desert house (Ah Chew)… I was very thankful for my company’s treat. It was like a company culture, when it comes to someone else’s birthday, other people will write on a printed colorful card…
Till the end of the month, my housemates finally got it. We had a small party with a cake. My gift is a T-shirt from Uniqlo. Haha luckily it is not in my collection yet. On the T-shirt there is a tag for “Nice guy”. Suddenly I remember a video from WFW: nice guys, finish last. I am single but happy guy. The word had its own meaning. I appreciated that.

Apart from my family, only 3 persons congratulated me on my fb. Coincidently, they are all girls. It means that today we are more relying on facebook or other social media to remember other people’s birthday. When posting on our friends’ wall, we just simply say ‘happy birthday’,it is meaninglessly ridiculous. At the end of the day, only true friends will matter most.

When I am mysterious, it made me feel interesting while watching my friends. A bit desperation when I wait for the surprise in vain. Anyway, I was fine with it.
My birthday is a good time to look at myself. Never take friendship for granted. It needs time to grow and maintain. I have to do something so other people can remember me. Impactful yet meaningful.

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