Smarter by sharing – Preetaim

It was a long sharing session with Preetam Rai. This guy was so knowledgeable and charming. I admire him because his way of sharing his personal experiences. His blog’s name is “Smarter by sharing“.

In fact, I was so surprised when I met Preetam at my company’s party. He opened his stories by telling us “How to date a Japanese woman”. This was actually a presentation done by his friend, a Japanese living in Bangkok. So Japanese girls are touched by “surface kindness”, a simple gesture that made them feel caring. I guess Japanese guys are less caring and more independent 🙂

People living in borders of countries have many stories. It is India, a diverse religious and ethnic country. Sharing the same border with Nepal, there are more than 160 000 Nepalese girls living in brothels in India. Most of them were brought there when they were very small.

He gave many advices. One of the persons he mentioned is “Huyen chip“, who travelled more than 25 countries in 2 years. Her first book (“Asia is home. Don’t cry. Just go forward”) mentioned him in the preface. She asked Preetam that whether she should go for travelling even without money. Preetam encouraged her to go. Saying no is only an excuse, and eventually it would lead to not going anywhere.

Then she decided to go. It is not just South East Asia, she even travelled to Africa. Her story was just a beginning.

At some parts of India, she pretended as she were Indian, living in Nagaland, an area near Burma. People living there looks alike to South-East Asian countries.

So how is she like after 2 years. Preetam told me that when she chat with him via skype, she is more matured and professional. For more information, she was one of the organisers of Barcamp Saigon in 2009. When she travelled, she always connect with friends, even before she go. So there is always someone she can contact in emergency case at the local country.

Huyen Chip inspired us by her story, she definitely create a breeze of travelling in Vietnamese youth. I remember she found a group of volunteers, named “Traveling is an Equal Opportunity Foundation” in Vietnam, which helps travellers in developing countries get visa easily when they visit other countries. As a Vietnamese, I need a visa to go most of countries ourside SEA. Plus, getting a valid visa may takes several weeks, or even months.

At the age of 25, I still struggle to find my own way. It is like a writing a novel, I know the end of the story, but it is difficult to write the middle part, or the end part may be another ending. Because life is a journey, the most interesting part is how you achieve your goal, not the goal itself.

Thanks Preetaim for sharing 🙂


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