Running at midnight

Today, I run at midnight as usual. On the way return back, a suddenly cats and dogs rain fell like an invisible wall in front of my eyes. I stop by at one of nearby car-parks. I only had 10$ in my pocket. enough to buy an umbrella. I ponder for a while because I plan to run towards the supermarket. 

I saw an Indian guy passing by. “Hi bro, do you have an umbrella. No, I don’t have”. I simply ask him because I can give him 10$ I had in order to get an umbrella. 
After a while, I decide to run to Fairprice, I bought an umbrella. Then after all, when I get out, it stopped raining. I felt like I was cheated by the weather. “Muu su tai nha^n, thanh` su tai thie^n”. 
To achieve something, I have to work really, really hard. And success always comes with luck. Pray for it hard too to make it happen. Life only rewards to whom adapted well.

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