Running at midnight

Today, I run at midnight as usual. On the way return back, a suddenly cats and dogs rain fell like an invisible wall in front of my eyes. I stop by at one of nearby car-parks. I only had 10$ in my pocket. enough to buy an umbrella. I ponder for a while because I plan to run towards the supermarket. 

I saw an Indian guy passing by. “Hi bro, do you have an umbrella. No, I don’t have”. I simply ask him because I can give him 10$ I had in order to get an umbrella. 
After a while, I decide to run to Fairprice, I bought an umbrella. Then after all, when I get out, it stopped raining. I felt like I was cheated by the weather. “Muu su tai nha^n, thanh` su tai thie^n”. 
To achieve something, I have to work really, really hard. And success always comes with luck. Pray for it hard too to make it happen. Life only rewards to whom adapted well.

Only rice is not enough

The first story
Here is my idea one year ago. 

Just Rice: This is a sociable project aiming to provide free meals to patients in hospitals in Hanoi and surrounding region. This is actually practiced in some hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. So there is no reason why we cannot do similar thing in Hanoi. We will provide free and hygiene meals to patients, as an alternative food outlets for existing foods store in hospital’s vicinity. We can ensure hygiene standard  and customer service with our network of volunteers. The meal could be rice or sticky rice, which is easily to cook and highly portable.  

Link: here. I already submitted my proposal to some charity organisations in Hanoi, but the response was weak and not welcomed.

The second story
Another day, I read on newspaper about one guys who lead a project which aims to provide cheap food for patients in big hospital in Hanoi. It was good, but not many receptive about the idea because of business interest, especially nearby canteen of hospital.

So, this guy was willing to implement it, it got my attention. 

There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened

The third story

On this Monday,  I read about “Com co thit”(Rice with meat) and a Vietnamese musical live show supporting for this program.

It made my day so meaningful. I like that. And it is the reason I bought the event ticket “Trinh Cong Son musical show”

Only those people who make it happens will be memorized. I really appreciate Harita production for not only the preparation for tonight show, but also the charity program it supports behind.

Lets join our hand together to support for good cause.