Lunch at Bugis


This noon I have eclair chocolate and ice teh-si at Hanis coffee. This is so lovely and fantastic. 
I can feel the softness of the cream.

I was tempted to buy American cheese cake, only S$4.8, cheaper than the New york cheesecake at Starbuck. Its taste was so delicious, but I won’t eat it again for a long time. I am on diet and I need to strict to my rule.

It is the rule “No country for old man”, no reward for not working hard towards the goal.

So an ice teh-si and a chocolate eclair was enough to buy a seat and a table in a coffee shop, it is the cheapest thing in the world.

It is so selfish to occuppy a place in a coffee shop, but still there are many people like me. And living in a shameless world, we act like others normally do.
We eventually become a part of this ignorant world.

If I get on the train and close my eyes pretending to sleep, am I ignorant too when there are many people standing. Having a seat is the smallest happiness we have in MRT, but offering a seat to others is an act of kindness.
Society only evolves if each member reminds of each other the mindset of kindness. And therefore a remind for each individual. Keeping silence is not always good all the time.


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