Found a book in National Library

This is the book I found by accident in Clementi Library. In Vietnamese, this book entitles “Khong co gi la that bai, tat ca chi la thu thach” (or “There is no such thing as failure, everything is challenges”)

This is my favourite book when I read it in Vietnam. It is a story of Chung Ju Yung, founder of Huyndai chaebol, one of the most successful entrepreneur in the world.
Out of many endeavors, he is able to expand his original business company as contruction company to ship building and subsequently automobile industry.
To attain the goal of modernization the economy, he earned business deals in Middle East and also win the bid for Olympic Games 1988. His sheer determination is admirable.
When Huyndai lacked capital, he tried to bridge the gap and made a promise to deliver the product cheaper and faster than competitors. Suddenly I realize the wong policy of Vietnam in the past. “Saving money” is just a short term measure to keep the economy against inflation. In the long term it will void the opportunity to reach foreign capital.
And it makes Hyundai different from daewoo, another Korean chaebol. While Daewoo is a traditional type of growing family business. Hyundai capture my attention when everything Ju Yung’s starting point is just a son of a farmer.
He stands out because of his personality and philosophy to develop nation. I truly respect him.
Learning under pressure. If there is no pressure, life is easy and nothing to be worried.