Shibaten in Singapore

Another Sunday afternoon.

After the Japanese class at Orchard, I decided to go to Clarke Quay.

On the way, I saw a guy performing Didgeridoo, an Australian instrument, on the bridge near Jumbo restaurant.

He has his website too:

It sounds ridiculous that he tried to sell his CDs for 20$ each, given the fact that there is a donation box in front of him: “Japan. Thank you”. A lot of 2$ notes inside. I guess the surrounding crowd were curious about his story, not his music. I approached and talked with the girl (in the right side of the pix) in Japanese and English. It was a rare chance I practice Japanese outside my class :). She helped Shibaten to sell CDs, she only speaks a limited English.

Eventually I refused to buy the album but donated to him instead.


I was amazed about his passion to travel. He went to more than 30 countries. He had a lot of concerts in USA and Canada.

His story can be found here:

I really like this guy. Why don’t we travel a lot of places when we are young. Make new friends, open heart and soul to the world. Singapore is too small to stay.


3 comments on “Shibaten in Singapore

  1. Trọng Đan says:

    When I saw Shibaten performing his wind instrument, I asked the girl holding the CDs:
    -Sumimasen. O namae wa nan desuka?
    -Watashi Aimi.
    -Watashi Dan desu
    -Dan san 🙂

    I then discover that Aimi is his life partner. They celebrate wedding on 11.11.2011. It is amazing to find out this guys as a busker and his accompanied wife. Language has no barrier. Only music will connect people as one.

    • Trọng Đan says:

      On another Friday, I met him again. This time on the way to my new office at Bugis. He was buying something for breakfirst. So he lives temporarily in one of backpacker hotel in Bugis. He will perform Didgeridoo in Waterloo street as usual in the afternoon.
      It made me surprised: this world is so small. I met a busker on the street twice.

  2. Quynh Anh says:

    I also kean to watch his performance. And I think donating some money for street performers is a kind action to show our appreciation.

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