Shibaten in Singapore

Another Sunday afternoon.

After the Japanese class at Orchard, I decided to go to Clarke Quay.

On the way, I saw a guy performing Didgeridoo, an Australian instrument, on the bridge near Jumbo restaurant.

He has his website too:

It sounds ridiculous that he tried to sell his CDs for 20$ each, given the fact that there is a donation box in front of him: “Japan. Thank you”. A lot of 2$ notes inside. I guess the surrounding crowd were curious about his story, not his music. I approached and talked with the girl (in the right side of the pix) in Japanese and English. It was a rare chance I practice Japanese outside my class :). She helped Shibaten to sell CDs, she only speaks a limited English.

Eventually I refused to buy the album but donated to him instead.


I was amazed about his passion to travel. He went to more than 30 countries. He had a lot of concerts in USA and Canada.

His story can be found here:

I really like this guy. Why don’t we travel a lot of places when we are young. Make new friends, open heart and soul to the world. Singapore is too small to stay.


Awesome morning

This morning I went to swim

Playing with water in the swimming pool is so fun. The only consequence was my skin getting darken after just half and hour. I dont think suncream will work, but it is worth to my skin tanned.

On my way back home, I take a look at few one-storey house with flowers on the fence. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I took a picture and after that, dogs bark and I run away. That is   Chinese hibiscus, a typical flower you will see in many rural scene in Vietnam (hoa dam but). It is quite rare to see it in Singapore.

I love the sun light so much. An awesome Sunday 😡