Lessons I learnt today

Life teaches us valuable lessons. Some lessons are very expensive, like a bitter pill. I am a patient, and I need it.

1. No contigent plan

2. Do not try to be promising but not valuable. In Vietnamese, it means being stupid and dangerous.

3. People are fighting for what they don’t have. I fight for what I cannot do. I should realize earlier.

4.Quite learner. The advantage is on the person who can do and talk at the same time. Not the person who want to do but not able to talk.
I am the second type. Another bitter pill.


7 comments on “Lessons I learnt today

  1. Quynh Anh says:

    Do you meant quiet learner at the fourth point? I think you got the ideas but can not express it clearly , and toastmaster definitely a good place for you. 🙂 Try your best. 🙂

  2. Trọng Đan says:

    I realize that through 2 recent meetings. Mr John (http://www.jsihsy.com/john-sih.html) told me indirectly that I am a quiet person. Remember the conversation we had with him at the beginning of the chapter meeting.

  3. larose1304 says:

    How do you feel about the Toastmaster’s program in Singapore? Is it cool, isn’t it? I know a guy who worked in Singapore, he is really punctual and well-spoken 🙂 His name is Binh, do u know him?

  4. larose1304 says:

    how can I have a link on my username like you?

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