Toastmaster Project 1: My journey

Hi everyone,

I am Dan,  a new member of our Toastmaster Club.
Let me start by a question: How many people in this room has my name in your name….
So what is that mean. That means my name is so rare. It is short, strange and weird .
Because if it is long, and long in Vietnamese is “truong”. People could call me “Dan Truong” instead.

Great. When I asked my dad, why do you named me Dan. He told me: I want you go to abroad, so people can address you easily.

Let me share with one of my story
When i was a child, I was growing up in a small town, Hai Phong. My town is very near the seaside. 
I have a small dream: building a sand castle on the beach. But every time a wave of sea water roll over, my castle was gone. I try to build another one. But I still failed.

I looks so sad and I think: my castle is gone away. Then i build another castle. Another wave came, it also swept away the castle.

THE LESSON I LEARN: keep trying

I always picturing myself as a sleep boy.  
…When I was in high school, some times I fall asleep in the class. I can have a short nap right in the middle of my lecture, which I am totally unconscious about.
It happened to me sometimes during a part-time shift at a convenience store, I felt asleep sometimes. My supervisor scold me: “Dan, go and top up drink”.

How many times I burnt the mid night oil and keeping it up for studying.
Then when I had those night studying in my university, I burnt all mid night oil for getting projects and assignment done. The next day in the lecture, there was many times I fell asleep halfway. There a little voice in my head: I need to manage time wisely and avoid procrastination.
I feel I need to do something different.

2 years ago, I embark on a trip to US. Working and travelling brought memorable moments to my life. At that time, even there was when I have no money in my pocket, my life was still beautiful.
I wish I can go back there one day. The blue sky, the roller coaster. Still vivid and colorful in my mind.
After my graduation few months ago, I feel a great relief from university life. I move on from student life to an working adult life.  Start working as an web developer at a start up company.

My current work is web developer. Being one of few employees in a start-up company, I am proud that this is my first full-time job and this is truly the time I enjoy most. As a start-up company, i can freely express my opinions with my boss and ask for advices from colleagues.  It may fail or success. Who knows?  

Interestingly, in my company there are two guys share the same name Dan: me and my senior supervisor. I don’t know it is the reason he hires me, but I acknowledged his help and support in my technical experience. To easily address in my company, I was named as Little Dan, and my supervisor as Bid Dan. I love the great time we enjoy work and share our stories.  

These are little stories that make me wake up and shape me as I am today. I am still yearning for the best of mine.  There are things I regret and many people I truly appreciated along my journey.
I may be a sleepy boy in the past, but that never happens to me in every Toastmaster chapter meeting. I can find enthusiasm in everyone though the table topics and prepared speeches.

Sometimes I act and speak stupid in front of people. I said to myself, just think about it as a lesson. If I don’t come on front and take any initiative, I will regret in the next chance. There are not much to lose if I don’t want nothing to regret. And I don’t want to be a sleepy boy anymore.

So if you ask me what I am doing last night. I will say that: ONE NIGHT STAND
-What, did you go clubbing.
I answer: NO. I stand the whole night to practice for my first speech.  I wish today I could change  the conventional way of myself. Thank you

Back to you, Toastmaster.

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