NES Vietnam

I love this company. NES is found by Pham Kim Hung with great folks in Vietnam. The mission of this group is to build a technology product which aims to capture the emerging VN Internet market.

NES created (or Yoo!) a location-based network, different from existing VN social networks such as Zing Me,, Yume… It failed to attract a consistent number of users. I can see the initial product was a bit ambiguous . Location social network garnered a great success with Foursquare (US), but it might not happen in Vietnam. The number of 3G mobile users and the readiness of business partners in promoting the service probably the obstacles this social platform cannot push in a very short time.

In the time being, NES still maintains another social network for professionals and scholars. The current number of active users are around few hundreds. NES have a strong support from advisers in this platform. However, the engagement of discussion is quite low. I see many comments in each post but most of comments are praises or agreements with the author. need a torch ignited with enthusiasm and interaction to gain more user retention. Otherwise, it cannot differentiate itself of a news blog.

NES plans to launch new products soon. I look forwards to know what is next 😀


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