Life is so fast

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that’s why it is called the Present.

I appreciate every moment of my life. Though it is up, or down. Everything make some meanings and create an impact on my journey.

Getting busy with my new job at Littlelives. Commit with NUS G-Men Team which I feel very passionate of what I was doing.

I will move to a new apartment soon. Life changed so fast. The moment I decided to stay with Bao and 5 girls just like a blink of an eye. I understand I need to make a move. People cannot stay long the same place .

I learnt a lot of things and realize a lot too. Today I meet an old friend who works as IT system analyst in a bank. He told me I steal jobs from SOC, since I am from Engineering. I responded that he steals money from others, simply he is a banker. Fair enough, everyone of us need to take a stand and against the world.

Today, my boss talks with some people from iStart Vietnam, I wonder that I can take part in that program?


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