Self awakening dreams

Sometimes I feel lost.

Lost my faith. Lost my motivation. I couldn’t keep myself as strong as I was.

And there were those dreams. I called them self awakening dreams, because they happened when I was sleeping, but I totally aware that I can awake anytime in the middle. Yesterday I just drank a cup of milk tea in late evening, then I suffer from sleep deprivation the whole night.

Binh Duong Valley

I dream about that. If I don’t have any good ideas, then bring ideas to other people also a good way. The most important thing is not being too smart, but knowing and creating network with smart people. This dream was inspired by a time I met Johan, e27 cofounder. He started e27, a blogging blog focused on tech start-up in Asia. Through this blog, e27 organised many events related to technology and start-up. I wonder why don’t we have similar incidents in Vietnam.

Pitching ideas in Vietnam to start up is normal, whereby many youths are seeking their own way to make $$$ apart from the traditional way. I want to emphasize on technopreneurship, which is prevalent in Singapore. The apparent difference  is that Singapore tech start up focus on Asia and global market, whereas Vietnamese entrepreneurs are more inclined to local market, with 80 million potential customers. It is good to develop based on local market, but I cannot see any future global extension of Vietnamese IT brand if no actions are yet to implement. Outsourcing is cheap labour, in fact Vietnam cannot do better than India. I see there is no point to content with the fact that Japanese IT companies design the framework, and the testing and individual parts are outsourced to FSoft.

Vietnam should create a free zone with fully support for young entrepreneurs and small companies. The vision is building companies with global expansion. We have a lot of Vietnamese overseas, why don’t we hesitate to put small stepping stones first?

Binh Duong Valley, it comes after many night I contemplated where is the right place with such expectation. I choose Binh Duong because it is the ideal cities for new companies, with a lot of support industry infrastructure.

Everything starts with a dream.

The line between what we are dreaming, the perfect world, with the imperfect things we faces everyday is undeniably unreachable. but who knows we can do more than we thought. Hence,  people’s determination is the strongest will to help us achieve anything we dream.



One comment on “Self awakening dreams

  1. Quynh Anh says:

    Well, your entry also awake something in me and make me think more about my career ans what I want the most.,
    But can I say you dream too much and think too much. Sometimes you need luck and opportunity to succeed, not only your ability.
    Can you just for 1 moment care only present, with your new company and job awaiting in Singapore? Just do it well, and what is to come will come? You’ll feel much better.

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