On the plane back to Singapore

It was a flight when I came back to Singapore after CNY.
I met an old Citibank colleague on the same flight. Though I didn’t remember him, he still can remember my face. He was an amazing guys . His story was narrated passionate in a very short time. He experienced snow in Boston Airport few years back when he works in America. When he traveled in Vietnam during the Tet occasion, he encountered an incident when a boy fell to water in Nha Trang’s gulf. I felt grateful for his action of saving people. Unfortunately, his phone was spoiled and he can not repair it anymore.

He asked me whether I go to testing profile or QA development process in my career. I still confused perhaps. I had a dream to start an entrepreneur. Then how?
Again, the question to choose a company to stay and work obsesses me a lot. I have to decide.

I need to listen to my heart. To avoid mistake and practice discipline as I want it to be.
As long as I grows, we nearly cannot change our perception about the world, our habits, our mind, … I regret that I didn’t realize a lot of things when I was a child.
I only have few close friends. So I conceive the world will judge us based on what we are creating and bring back to the world. I might be wrong, mabe.
I admire Dung, MA, CA, Beo Tron, they have more friends than I have.

I am feeling old. I am outdated. I always ask myself what I have done and revise again and again. Dan, do not take anything for granted. Life is not easy at all. I have to fight with my life.

I cannot fall asleep in my dream. I cannot let it run out anymore. I may lose opportunity if I don’t make any action.
I am training my inception. I pray if I have enough courage to overcome all these hardship. A Japanese knows how to exist and define his own ego. So am I.

I need to sleep more, remember more to gain more memory and work harder. Apparently is my short term plan.

My long term plan is to define a scheme which is applicable to small cities, but difficult to implement to big cities. Small is good. Because small companies, small organizations are more flexible to adapt new technologies. If I can call for internal empowerment and exchange programs between different parts of my country. It means that my dream will come true. Then i will set my footstep to public policy.

Remember Meggie once told me: we seek for opportunity and satisfaction. Money is a fact, we should not earn it to live by all means.

Focus on one thing. Think and do something to build my career in 10 years down the road.
Life is full of unexpected things, who knows.
By buying and selling opportunities, I can replicate good samples in the society, and increase the prob of success after many times of failures.

I like to take risks. Now I don’t have any $$$, I might to take risk at this point. Before checking in the airport at Tan Son Nhat, I take a relax time to Parkson Plaza. When I was at Las Vegas Strip, I strolled the whole night and visit all the hotels. I felt inspired like I discovered a new world.
The only thing is when all of my friends travel to Death Valley with fantastic view, I didn’t go with them, I regret that I didn’t join them in the same trip. I only join them when it is free. No money, no happiness. That’s all.
I could buy a kodak camera cost only 12 $, but I missed it.

I glared through the airplane’s small window. The sky is blue and the horizontal line just far away. Now it turned to red and cloudy. The dawn is over.

Before the dawn, I hear you whisper
In your sleep don’t let the morning take him
Outside the birds begin to call
As if to summon up my leaving

At the horizontal line, I can see the sparkling of the last sunlights of a day.


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