It is the most exhilarating conference I attend ever. The power of public speaking to deliver the passion, the vision as well as the motivation of youth.

Dr Vu Duy Khuong: his advice for me is to make myself become an expertise in an area,
that is the only way to change the current structure of public policy in Vietnam, where the government are not welcome feedback from outsiders.

Q: contribution to Hai Phong’s economy.
A: current no. Mr Khuong was CEO of Song Cam Chemical Factory.

It is the same as the story of a group people chasing “huou”, but some individuals shoot the rabbit, so finally the group fails to achieve the purpose. Individualism is harmful to teh benefit of the group. That is why a Vnmese is smarter than a Jap, but 3 Vnmese are worse than 3 Japaneses.

Live to inspire, to empower, to make an impact on society.

3 P: productivity,
5 R: respect,

Ton Nu Thi Ninh: with a charming voice, Ms Ninh catch the audience’s attention. I can see the firm and strong message she want to deliver to youths. She worked as national assembly deputy director. Now she is co-founder of Tri Viet university.
Her experience during diplomacy made her speech great.

If you want to walk fast, you walk alone. If u want to walk far, let’s walk together.

Tam Viet: “1lieu moi duoc nhieu, dien moi theo cai cu”. He is so natural with his tactics to motivate other persons. You will laugh loudly if you listen to him.

VinaGame:(Le Hong Minh) listen to your heart, to know where is your passion. To overcome fear and barrier to raise up the entrepreneur spirit.

Q: legal policy in gaming industry. What VNG will do with the government intervention.
A: It depends. In the first year, VNG 3 times received warnings from Gov. Mr Long responded that it always needs logic to negotiate. And the connection also.
Q2: which niche area I should jump in this year. VNG success 5 years ago because no company in game industry in VN.
A: Internet providing services.

Pham Chi Lan:
she is very effective in showing figures and analysis to persuade listeners in current issues in Vietnam

Pham Thi Phuong Thuy: the idea of global citizen is good. She perceived that through many meaningful community services in Singapore, VN and Ghana. I admire her with respect.
According to Ms Ninh, a good global citizen cannot be said as a bad Vietnamese citizen in this case

In the closing discussion, there is a fact that the community of overseas Vietnamese are separated and there are some people against our country. It maybe the wrongdoing of history.

Overall, the Ysummit team have worked so hard to make this happens, and I acknowledge them for giving me this opportunity to meet famous speakers as well as enthusiastic youths who are willing to contribute to our nation.
Start small, but think big.
Don’t look for a safe place and ruin my youths with trivial needs. I must aim to something higher and create values to inspire others.


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