Financial Literacy Education

I have some idea.

A simple website which shares stories about money matters, everything is about money and how to save money. It sounds like a money-conscious mindset but it will be definitely useful when people want to know how to save.

Finance literacy education is integrated and analyzed in each story. And the most popular topic is traveling I guess.

Ideas are only ideas.
People often conceives that ideas is very important, but in fact it is cheap and no one bother to think until it becomes practical and executable.
Therefore execution matters. I get a very vital lesson from my friends in CS3216 lecture and what they did urge me to think seriously in the rest of my life. I once dream of leading my own company. Why I cannot take some initiatives right now when I am in school.

Can do I something beyond what I was taught in engineering faculty. Now I am totally fed up with boring lecs and poorly communicative tuts and labs.

If I want to embark on this changing journey. I have to kick off working really hard from now on to realize my true dream and my feasible future plan.

No pain, no gain. I have to put myself in other’s shoes to see what I can reach. If Prof Ben Leoung offer me a course in SOC, do I want to take it?

I suddenly remember my convolution from the beginning of the year. To be a different person, to find my truly identity and voice out my ego. And in the quest to transform my ambition, there is no way to look back.
Dan from TOMORROW.


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