Citibank internship

I feel so satisfied after this internship.

Not just the pay, but the opportunity to meet technical experts and business minded people. From my Indian boss and supervisor to my colleagues and new hires from NUS. 6 months was not so long. Time flies very fast.

I am very appreciate support from all my friends and especially Sachin and Pravin. Job maybe a bit boring since I played around w/ testing engine all the day. But I think anyway I learn something apart from code and project requirement. Then all the financial terms and procedure made some sense to me. A whole semester away from school seemed power me up and brought me more confidence than the day 1 year ago, when I just finished my WAT trip.

I remember each day I hold New Paper and read NY Times online. It was invaluable source of information and they made up my mind a lot.

Besides that I realize that I need to motivate myself to deal with what will happen ahead. My final year will be the most tough year with 8 core modules together with FYP.

I will decide to devote my final year to compensate for what I have not done in 4 years. I just regret that there is always something I couldn’t anticipate and do it earlier. Now everything starts to  up and I have few choices to restart.

New things coming up: fyp, moving to new house and more expenses, getting a new desktop. What is gonna next. My financial education project seems to be forgotten with no support from Vietnam.

It is the time to make it change!


One comment on “Citibank internship

  1. ericnguyen says:

    I’m glad that you didn’t only become rich, but also enjoyed your internship very much 🙂

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