Argora Search online
This website is based on most popular engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. So you won’t lost if you try to find what you are looking for by typing keyword in any language.

Target: The target audience is actually non-English speaking countries, such as China, to enable them to tap upon the vast information available in English. Of course, English-literate people can discover information in non-English as well.

The default page translation language on users’ 1st visit will be set to their computer’s chosen regional language.(from Sebastian)

Pros: nice and clean design, suggested explanation on the side similar to Bing

Con: i don’t know yet. Give it a try and let me know.


One comment on “Argora Search online

  1. ericnguyen says:

    Quite cool actually!
    I did a search for “human trafficking” from “Auto-detect” to “Vietnamese”. The website showed me list of results with perfect translation within 2 secs. However, 1 sec later, when the search finishes loading, every result came back to English! Any ideas???

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