Start your own business with engineering background

This is the seminar from Engineering family VN2020.
I admit that I learnt a lot from senior’s experience: anh Khoi, Thi, A Toan va chi Vi (Citi)
After all I am just a normal person. But I think big and i believe i can do something great
I always dream about One Night Change and I promise myself that I will practice change from now on.
Business model:
  • Me too/ imitation
  • Vertical/ orizontal expansion–> IDNA expand in Singapore, Malaysia
  • the lesson of distributor and supplier–> see the gap in service provider.
  • —> sell products and guarantee the result of experiment
Exit strategy: go to IPO. acquired by other firms,…
Good strategy of using and maintaining balance of:
  • knowledge
  • luck
  • money
  • connection
Important but experience is more important but it depends
Venture capitalist + own
3F: family, friends and fool
Learn how to fail and recover from failure. It is hard to practice that when we have an obligation in life.
Imagine that working for corporation firm for 1-2 years then…
The initial procedure is quite uncomfortable experience, then the opportunities is ambient and who can grab it will become success.
Idea is cheap and easily copied. Execution matters.
The first person applied the idea not always succeed. And in Vietnam to get the connection is difficult , there are a lot of barriers out there and we need to use core value and experience to compete with local enterprise.

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