A lecture by Ben and I love that

tis 1s a reallly a good lecture. What is cover is reallly interesting I just feel disappointed about what I was introducesd before the class. Grade, SCholarship and Mediority. Equal accesss vs equal out come and the model of developing sociality associated with social mobility when all the people have the equal chain to be rich or success in life. So the percentage of people live in HdB and condo who are scholar. ‘ Life is i=unfair, and it is like that. I was wonder the true method Dr Ben is given and how does he know and bluff about all his stuffs. What I am try to think is to shape and idea of a successs person. The rich and the poor are equally, the difference is the mindset. iThe motivaticve behind the resources allocation is the regulation of the government , His critical thinking arise some issues related to real life. and I really admire the way he ceonvey the message of change. How to change the mindset. What the lecture give the grade for sudentes is not something for granted. but for the goodness of people an dfuture of real life. The is why he always have a stong standing point to substantiate for his idea and his judgment. HR practice: how can Iapplay it to workplace. The human relation in workplace The structure of organization the thiking of flat/ hierarchy structure inside the organization. and how to optimize the opportunity to get a broader view of what happens in Citibank. I feel sop proud when working in a fast and reliable environ,net.


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