I admit that guys was so intuitive and genius at marketing. He knew what I want to know, what is my strength and tried to dig out all the matters that made sense to me. 
And all basic stuffs of marketing MKT1003 I had a chance to go through in just one evening. Approached in some sort of unsolicited situation, I should thank him for meeting a NUS student as a friend. Btw, the 2 sides of this kind of job will make the victim lose some friends, and to another hand, you can make more noble friends as well. Life is like that. No one can become friend of everyone. And people tend to stick with liked-mind friends Get a chance to touch the damn expensive jewelry with its value up to 110 000 S$. Now I see 2 companies share the same monetized model. Why is there on earth more and more people involved in this kind business. When it happens to us everyday. Zynga did the same thing but no one doubted that. Since receiving invitation and sending invitations are normal things in this era of social networking, then Zynga’s scams were easily accepted until they become too obvious. I hate that kind of dirty of trick . But who cares? The world is damn big shit. Maybe I am one of those to some extent.
 So I should not envy by the popularity of Zynga’s games on Facebook. At the end of the day, what do you think you can give for the Now it become of a form of marketing . In my bank, if I can recommend for 2 or 3 persons joining my bank, I can get rewards as an incentive to market Banks through employee. The similarity of these 2 biz:
-Same biz model: revenue generated by MLM
-One based on healthcare products, one based on luxary items but for lower-income customer.
- Healthcare: with long term effect and difficult to test. I don’t believe on those testimonials by the stuffs.
effect of placebo: psychological and emotional effect is more than 50%. You  get heal by aspirin by the immediate effect of the pills and 50% is the fact that you know that you are likely to be recover after taking the pills.
-Just Diamond: use technology to cut down the price, guarantee on the color D<E<F, price ranged in acceptable price. Use mutli channels to raise brand awareness to customer. Organise some fashion events to get the attention of public. LFI and JD: LFI: long expose of experience and MLM is its strategic marketing to sell its product. JD: strong support from parent company is defred. I dun know how much percent I dun believe in these 2 kind biz. Singapore may be a lucrative market of 1 .1 billion S$, but not for the majority of poor and low income group of Vietnamese. In short. It brings only goodness to high elite class in the society, and the middle class are cheated by these placebo. So what is the deal of commission? 3550 or 16600 for different types of franchise associate. I know that this business take the advantage of personal networks and create selling channels by the number of ppl involved in this dirty biz model. I am sure that Alex will get some commission if he can recruit me as new membership and under his mentor.
I foresee the adverse effect brought by  MLM a long time ago. And I will against it as long as it is not relevant to my biz afterward.
At the end of the day, how can I live up to my dream and create my own value. So invest in what and give up what. Focus on core value, and neglect the surface value. –>related to all the kind of business on facebook. Many kind of fb application grow by inviting more and more ppl to join. And the great netowrk of friends will be a volatile market for ads and scam. I believed that fb is so familiar to me, and it is prone to give the best example/model for MLM in social networking 2.0. Yesterday: Mind your business> no one is taking care of you. You must develop your value yourself.
I must have a strong point to go on and against others. I just want to be an innocent guys, but who let you innocent forever. They will cheat on you.
(Ai cho tao luong thien-Chi Pheo Nam Cao)
*  “Tao muốn làm người lương thiện (…) Không đựơc! Ai cho tao lương thiện? Làm thế nào cho mất được những vết mảnh chai trên mặt này? Tao không thể là người lương thiện được nữa. Biết không!”.

According to Prof Ben, why business can make profit? Because people are so lazy, then to buy the convenience they need to pay for the business. Like if I want to treat friends, I will go to restaurant.


lawyer and property agent are the most untrust jobs in Singapore, while fireman and teacher are most trustworthy.

At some certain stage of

It maybe suitable to Singapore, when people are so soft and kiasu, earn a lot of money and dun know how to spend it except for eating and buying house or properties. To be and join the class of elite,

Life comprise of different stages, and at each stage ppl spent more and more. Even now I still need to spend smart and spend more than previous time. It is the fact that everyone get to know when graduate or even move out. We defenitely need to save and spend. When spending like invest. Now I will learn to invest to my future. It is the time to change my mindset and force me to think and rethink about the road ahead. There are no way to turning back.


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