Today’s lecture of Bing

Today I approach new concept of advertising of Google and Yahoo while displaying the return target searching results. :

  • CPM
  • CPA: cost per action, new solution applied by many searching engine.
  • CPC
  • New incentive and new jokes from this interesting guys Chowy who is online search manager in Singapore. I am so lucky to see him today and I admit that I am so slow to react before his idea of advertising, partly I am not reach the level of buying and selling modern devices or luxury items. It is a kind of consuming behaviour, for ex I still cook foods and pack for my lunch. How can I think I will buy an iphone with my own money. I realize that there are some interesting facts about myself:

    +There are many time I spent on credit. It means that I spend when I have almost zero in my banking account
    +Having money is never enough for me. No matter how much I was offer/given at the beginning at the semester, I will always reach 0 at the end of semester, especially S2, when I spend most of my bursary at S1.
    +Money is a tool to earn other thing. Even I have a little money, I do still survive and live happy: no $$$ in pocket, life is still beautiful.

    Back to the main topic today, I foresee that I must learn how to respond with apparent issue and prepare to speak promptly in any case. Don’t be quiet like a ghost. Or being silent at the wrong time.

    See how Bing corporate/acquire Yahoo and get the power to fight against with Google. And the expansion of Google on every single corner of online market and social networking are undeniable. Another important lession: learn how to spend healthy and buy what I need, promotion and sales/ discount are subtle.

    Strategy to reading:
    +read the beginning and the conclusion
    +read the main idea and remember what to do.