First HR class in the evening

I came to class right after work hours in EXPO. It was a bit rushed heading to NUS . But it is commonly late for other interns .

What I learn from my class today of HR2002: the role of company, organization to understand the impact of globalization on individual and organisation.

See the lecnotes and imagine what Ms Chew taught:

  • to get the mindset of thinking locally, but act globally.
  • The great forces will impact on the development and sustainability of employment, from company’s view to individual’s perspective. So there are some element/factors which play an important/crucial part to extend the life long of organization.
  • Trade, info exchange make interconnection.
  • discontinuous change: unpredicted., not constantly
  • The vision of employee integrate to ….
  • look into customer, seek for customer’s satisfaction.
  • today customer are so demanding and discerning, well-informed,  —-> change the way of thinking or shift of paradigm
  • flatter organization–> faster response from the bottom to the top level, c
  • cost effective as an ultimate goal
  • base of power: coercive/knowledge/reward/referent/position power.

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